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Where Do We Go From Here?? Why....EVERYWHERE-- of course!!

Yes, as has alreasy been noticed, mentioned and documented; the Fourtuned Experience at the conference was amazing and successful. The response from attendees was uplifting and educational as well. There were many good comments and suggestions and observations--all with the added thought that this is something new and fresh with the potential to open people in new ways and help them explore their own potential. We talked about a number of ways to do this first presentation in this manner and eventually decided on this format; knowing that there are indeed a number of variations which we will explore. The possibilities are endless and the growth potential for all unlimited as well. The key to all of this is not so much the technique although very important but moreover the amazing force which is the core of it all: Pearlan, Mona, Beth and Lucinda. They have worked and merged their abilities, emotions and Spirit into a creation than can transform others. It is because of the depth of their feeling and understanding that this can and does happen. I had known Pearlan for over 15 years before we ever talked about 'Fourtuned' but neither of us had known the extent of the others work until a few months ago. WHy?? I guess because it was not the right time before. Things happen in a specific time frame because they are ready to, not when we may want them to. It was no surprise to me that after a four hour dinner Pearlan and I felt that we had known each other forever, in some ways we already had some history. What DID surprise me was that when I met the other three members; Mona, Beth and Lucinda; it also felt like we had all known each other for years. That was extraordinary! I knew at that point already that we aould have something completely unique. It is a gift to have worked with all of them already and I know that together we will see many new things happen and follow this journey through whatever may come in love and friendship.... can anything be better??? Fourtuned!!

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Mark, thank you for that beautiful description of our first big event of FourTuned. Thank you, of course, for the part that you played in the presentation as well. In your capable hands, we have nothing to fear (except laryngitis...argh) but I'm sure you even have a fix for that. Your ideas are groundbreaking and together we will go even further than we had earlier imagined. It does seem to have happened all at the right time and place and there is only forward to go. I am so glad that you are a part of the FourTuned team!
Extra-ordinary indeed! Right now... right here... we ARE at our best... nbut stay tuned... our best is getting evem better with all the support from those joining in...

A very special THANK YOU to Mark... but then I have to thank us all because our energies combined is about to create an even stronger "Transperformance" for all.
Amen Mark,
I know the feeling all too well.
As you return from your vacation... still in the light somewhat of the full moon... You will see where we have been these last weeks and where we are going from there... Look around... Catch up and then walk with us hand-in-hand as we move forward... The beat goes on as we tune into all that is around us.

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