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Allow the voices of four entrancing Hypnotists to take you through a whirlwind of change as they travel to all corners of your mind.



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January 6, 2013


Ah… The official date is January 4… and for days before and still days after…Year after year… 9 years exactly… Certified Hypnotists celebrate World Hypnotism Day.

Conjuring images of clients, family, friends, cplleagues and ‘newbies” joining together, as they have done year after year, since the inception of WORLD HYPNOTISM DAY, January 4, 2004… And…


Posted by Pearlan on August 28, 2012 at 9:30am

Tuning In to: "Another Moment of Bliss"

Dr. Regal declares:

The frequency is now. We choose this Day of Wonderment! The channel everyone is tuning into is K-NOW. Everyone is here and hearing all that needs to be heard. The music is graceful, melodic and soft. The airs are flowing. We excel in the flow of knowing all is well. Peace and harmony surround us as we sojourn into the next awakening. A moment in time awaits us before revealing what is next. Until then, we rest a while and take in this lovely choral arrangement. As… Continue

Posted by Doc Regal on August 20, 2009 at 7:21pm — 25 Comments


FourTuned™ - "Hypnotic Theater... Transperformance... Entrancing... Fascinating... Relaxing... Magical... Unique... Leveling... Tune-up... Voice of Angels...

~~~Mona Santl~~ Elizabeth Campbell ~~ Pearlan Feeney-Grater ~~ Lucinda Flint CH~~~

***"As our voices outside connect with you, you will fine tune your voice within."***

____________________ Those who have been FourTuned™ say: ____________________

"Thank you ladies for a remarkable evening. While you perhaps may be primarily interested in the clinical applications of the FourTuned™ phenomenon, which I think are significant, there is something even more here.

I think of it as a kind of hypnotic theater. The four of you moved around the darkened room in what was really a form of dance, speaking your individual pieces. First one voice moved closer and became most audible, and then it moved away to be replaced by another and another. Entrancing and fascinating.

This experience is indeed unique, and some in the audience might benefit from a pre-talk, letting them know what to expect and not to consciously try to understand all four voices at once.

Did I say thank you? Thank you! ~Robert~

"I am so glad that I attended last Friday's 2 hour FourTuned™ workshop. It was easy to see each person is committed to finding new ways to helping clients and providers alike. The presentation was well done. When the four voices were walking around the room, I found it not only relaxing but quite entrancing. It ended much too soon." ~William~

“I found this experience of the four hypnotists at once very magical, in a way. It was a counterpoint through juxtaposed thoughts and ideas.....wanted to do it again.” ~Mel~

“As I listened to the multiple voices, I see your point of appealing to a preferred learning style. I think I am more visual. I felt that initially there were reoccurring words that so appealed to me such as “See, look and visualize but then I drifted off into such a relaxed state that I finally stopped thinking, for once. This was a major achievement for such an analytical person. Do it again soon or better yet, capture this on a CD for us”. ~Carol~

“The use of multi-voices was unique and leveled me!” ~Barb~

“At first I was confused by the multiple voices as I tried to listen to them all, as the analytical person I am! Once I allowed myself to just let go, I felt a most soothing feeling of calmness as I lost all track of time. When I heard the voice bringing me back to the present, I had no idea where my mind went in the interim. What I do know is that I felt relaxed and so rested when the session was over. Haven't felt that good in a long time. Let’s schedule a monthly “tune-up” with FourTuned™.” ~Rich~

"The voices of angels." ~Tom

______________________________FourTuned Minds™______________________________

A Graceful Beauty
Dancer, Performer, Artist
Dignified yet Fun

Just as her heart is refreshed by the cool beauty of nature's green... so do her green eyes have the ability to calm… and put people at ease... creating the perfectly choreographed ballet of higher minds...

Elizabeth Campbell, CH, CI has her office in Stuart, Florida. She is a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer and HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Elizabeth enjoys spreading the word about hypnotism. She has presented at her NGH Chapter, the Hypnosis Education Association in Orlando, University of Massachusetts Medical School, high school Psychology classes, and several public presentations and classes including Self-Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. Her specialty as a Sports Hypnotist brings in many Floridian golfers.
___________________ "I am centered, powerful and whole..." ___________________

Endearing Friendships
Intuitive, Positive
Powerful Beauty

Glowing with abundant energy… Pearlan fills the room … connecting with familiar and future friends… empowering all around her… walking in her point of strength… wearing a smile as bright as the golden sun that lights the way… for all things possible…

-- Pearlan Feeney-Grater, MS, CH, CertEHyp, CGA, aligns her background as a Certified Educator, Speech & Language Therapist and Corporate Trainer with her Holistic Practice as Owner & Founder of The Self Center in Winchester, MA. She is an NGH Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, Handwriting Analyst, Reiki Master and Bioenergy Healing Practitioner and holds certifications in Medical Hypnosis, Emergency Hypnotism and Pain Management. She is author of the hypnotic CD/DVD program called “Mental Training for Effective Exercise & Weight Control™”, presented at the NGH Convention-2008 and co-author of the Self-Hypnotic Audio CD "FourTuned™ For A Whirlwind of Well Being" and "The Professional Hypnotist's Toolkit".
____________________________...And I am transformed...._________________________


Gorgeous Velvet Voice
Elegant, Gracious and Poised
Delightful and Sweet

Lucinda's innate designing nature creates a space around her for all to feel safe, secure and appreciated... in this space… she moves with natural beauty, grace and charm… as she speaks her passion… as true as a red rose…

Lucinda Flint, BS, CH, owner of MINDSCAPES HYPNOSIS in Worcester, MA is an NGH Certified Hypnotist and Master NLP Practitioner. With her degree in Humanistic and Behavioral Studies, she helps her clients to attain personal goals and make lasting changes. Lucinda also holds certification in Pain Management and Emergency Hypnotism. She has lectured on hypnosis to classes including graduate nurses and medical students at UMass Medical School as part of a course on Alternative Medicine.
________________________ "Take a deep breath... now..." ________________________


All Around the World
Vivacious and Passionate
Talented, Loving

Beating within and all around her like the rhythm of drums... Mona's heart brings worlds together… uniting in white light... just as she envisions the ingredients of an innovative recipe as they combine... and manifest… to spice up life...

Mona Santl, CH, CI, owner of MIND YOUR POWER and MIND YOUR TRAINING, is a Hypnotherapist, a Hypnotherapy Instructor, a Master NLP Practitioner and hold certifications in HypnoBirthing®, HypnoFertility and Pain Management. She has recently launched a support program for medical environments and founded MIND YOUR TRAVEL, which specializes in hypnosis programs and trips around the world. Having a multi-cultural background, she has adapted her life and business style and works internationally from different locations. She practices in English, German, French and Arabic.

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