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I have the pleasure of being on the outside of the inside of Four Tuned since the idea was formed in the minds of Pearlan, Beth, Mona, and Lucinda.
I recall speaking to Beth just after the 2008 convention and she told me that the Four HYPNODYVAS had something special in the planning stages. I wanted to know what it was all about
But at that moment it was still top secret and that they were planning to debut it at the Self Center for WHD 2009.
I was actually on line with my four DYVAS on the earliest SKYPE calls but just to socialize left them when they got down to business.
Fast forward several months and the WHD event was a success and it propelled these ladies into the hard work and preparation for the 2009 NGH convention and the launch of this amazing experience.
It was with real sadness and disappointment when I realized that I could not attend the big event in person. But imagine my delight when I was sent an advance copy of their CD and was asked to review it.
My review is posted elsewhere so there is no need to repeat myself here. I guess what this is all about is more personal
These four women have touched my life and their generosity knows no boundaries. Individually each are wonderful and insightful practitioners of the hypnotic arts. Together they are a force of nature. But more importantly they are my dearest amongst my dearest friends and I am lucky to be on their company..)

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Ah....But my man... It is we who are lucky to be in your company!
Though your first comment may be posted everywhere... It is here we will be staying for quite some time. So as they say in one of my favorites movies......"Play it, Sam, for old times' sake, play..." before too much time goes by. Repost that great commentary here for newbies of FourTuned™... Of course I guess I could send our members to

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